Estrella Dress Azul


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Estrella Dress Azul

Strappy Dress with Buttons Along the Side and Tie in Azul colour.

A waist-cut design, this model is loose-fitting, and you can adjust it yourself with the tie. The dress comes with a tie, not with the elastic belt.

100% Viscose

Washing Instructions:

It is essential to read the care label and follow its instructions to the letter. We suggest washing your viscose garments inside out to maintain the intensity of the colors. In the washing machine: Viscose garments should be washed at a temperature of 30°C on a delicate cycle. It is recommended to wash them along with other similar garments to prevent the washing machine drum from damaging the fabric. Hand washing: Wash the garment by hand in cold or lukewarm water, not exceeding 20°C. Submerge the garment in water with detergent and gently rub. Rinse with plenty of water.


Using the dryer for viscose garments is not recommended. Air drying on a hanger is the most advisable option. Keep in mind that viscose may change its softness when in contact with water, but don’t worry: once dry, it will regain its original texture.


Viscose garments should be ironed inside out with an iron set to silk and while still damp. For added precaution, you can place a cloth between the iron and the garment. It is important not to use the steam function of the iron to avoid damaging the garment. At this stage, the viscose garment will return to its original size.

Designed in Spain.

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